What is the best way to send money to China?

I’m a Spanish guy currently living in China. I arrived there 5 years ago and I am quite active in the European communities in Shanghai. In 5 years I discovered many new ways to send money to China. Transferring money to Shanghai has never been easy though. I’m happy to share my experience here. First I want you to know that you can send money to China. Second, it might be useful to use a comparator before, I’m using moneytis.

The good news is you can send money to China

Yes we can. It seems probably obvious for you but you have to know that it is almost impossible to send money from China or to simply leave the country with your money. So the fact that we can send money to this country is a good news.  I understand the Chinese government which wants to master international money transfers so that there is more money coming in than money coming out.

Cash is not easy to send but you can always find a Western Union office somewhere sand try. Exchanging renminbi for euros or dollars is not easy because you can for small amounts and the exchange rate is going to have a lot of hidden fees.  Anyway the subject I want to explain here is that there is a good way to send money to China.


How to find the best way to send money to China

Moneytis compares all money transmitters in the World in real time. It means that whatever the day and hour when you need to transfer money, Moneytis shows you the best operator at this very moment. Rates are 100% accurate. Because rates offered by providers are changing a lot, using Moneytis allows you to use the solution you prefer.

And there is something interesting you might use on moneytis website: it’s the alert system. You can receive alerts when the best operator changes and you can receive alerts when the exchange rate you are interested in changes a lot. It allows to watch exchange rates without stress.

Finally, I have to say that I didn’t mention the best way to send money to China. I explained the best comparison to always be sure that you send money using the best operator. I’m proud to be able to teach a method instead of simply giving a name of a solution. Hope my synthesis is useful.

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