13 secrets about transfer money overseas the governments are hiding

There is a huge list of secrets the governments all over the world are hiding. Some of them suppose them to transfer money overseas. I’m not telling that any tool could solve all of them but there might be some reasons to put a transparency filter on the governments actions. Today I list here 13 actions that the government has made. More or less serious. More or less interesting. Hope you have fun.




The 7 bad secrets about transfer money overseas the governments should keep hiding

1/ Sending money abroad is very expensive: 7.5% on average, according to the World Bank. I don’t care what they do the money with but people are paying the 7.5%. It’s atrocious.

2/ 7.5% of the amounts sent abroad represent not less than 30 billion dollars whereas using a comparison service would drive the cost down to 1.5%…

3/ Who is getting this money? Governments, banks and currency specialists. Who is paying? Us.

4/ There is no law against hidden fees in the financial market. There is no law against banks and fees they take without the consent of the customers. The only law that matters is the law of consuming. That’s why we, people, should keep analyzing the situation before buying anything from a bank. Let’s choose fintech startups.

5/ Most governments members transfer money overseas. They use fiscal paradises to put their money somewhere without tax. Sending money abroad is not forbidden but avoiding tax is.

6/ Sending money overseas is one of the slowest technology in the world

7/ There are transfers between the US and the middle East that are unidentified.

They will have to transfer money overseas in 6 cases

1/ Trump is elected. I think he is. But it was a joke, right? If not they will have to transfer their money internationally to keep it from him.

2/ Taxes. Just improve taxes and government members themselves will send their money abroad.

3/ Oil. Once the US need more oil the government will have to transfer a lot of money to pay bills. I would suggest to start being more ecological in our daily life to prevent this from happening.

4/ Gold. A lot of gold is bought by governments.

5/ Boats. Gold is imported via boats.

6/ Investments. There are strategic funds which invests in huge projects and companies. Transferring money overseas would become cheaper so that governments would be able to transfer less 😉

You see. Governments are more or less good at hiding things. It might help to hide from the people because then we will look mysterious and people love mysterious people.

However I wouldn’t recommend to keep hiding secrets because after a few years I will discover those secrets. There is no such Sherlock Holmes as me…

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